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Sell your iPhone 12 / Pro / Max – 13 / Pro Max – 14 San Antonio get cash for your used

The new iPhone 14 / Pro / Max / Plus are out. Get cash for your used devices even if they are still financed. Text or call (SA) 538-1695 for a quote today.


52 devices donated to

We donated 52 devices which helped to transform the lives of adults, youth and children who are facing homelessness or suffering abuse in our community. Through the generosity of our partners and supporters, we help our most vulnerable neighbors survive crisis, rebuild their lives and achieve brighter futures.

It also keeps those devices out of the land fill.

If you have an old device you would like to donate. Please make sure your personal information has been removed before bringing it in or sending it to them. Shot 2020-02-27 at [Feb 27]1.23.21 PM

Top CASH for iPhone 6S 7 8 and X Plus

San Antonio and Boerne, we are the cell phone shop that pays the most for your new or used iPhone 6S Plus 7 / 7 Plus 8 / 8 Plus and iPhone X. We buy them even if you are making payments and own money on the account or if you’ve switched carriers. We also buy Apple Watch 38mm and 42mm series 1 2 3 and most Macbook Pro and iMac. Give us a call (SA area code) 651-2272 to get a quote over the phone.

Cell UR Phone Shop Click this Google Maps Link to get directions To find us, go up the staircase next to StateFarm and at the top of the stairs is #210. Go inside and inside there are offices, we are #8. Mon-Fri Hours: 11AM-6PM Please TXT or Call before you come.  AA CASH for iphone Galaxy